Cradle is the first bank where you can create an account from anywhere. Install the app, get your Cradle card and enjoy the new era of borderless banking. Travel around the globe with the only card in your wallet. Get the best exchange rates, withdraw money for free in any ATM. Keep your money in any currency you want, send money to anyone fast and easy, pay your bills and track account history. All that and much more in the single app.

On this project I was defining the scope of work and creating the whole app design from the first wireframes to the final visual design. Also, I did some 3d visuals to help with the project presentation.

Role & Services

Art direction
UI/UX design
Cradle app design — accounts
Cradle app design — variety of cards
Cradle app design — font usage
Cradle app wireframes
Cradle app design — spending
Cradle app design — send money
Cradle app design — send money
Cradle app design — sign in
Cradle app design — accounts
Cradle cards designs
Cradle app design — card freezing

Twigs app


Coursera redesign

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