Maxim Kuznetsov — UI/UX designer

I'm Maxim. I create and nurture digital products, strategize, build pixel-perfect interfaces and help a business flourish and become successful.

I have a vast experience working with Complex systems, SaaS products, E-commerce, E-learning, Fintech and Startups.

What I Do
  • Create and grow products from the idea
  • Analyze bottlenecks and solve problems
  • Support development
  • Help with (re)branding
  • Create concepts to test your ideas quickly
  • Add value to your product

I believe in humanity as a race of explorers and creators and work for a better future. I’m always open to interesting projects and conversations.

More facts
  • Deeply interested in new technologies
  • Always trying to push boundaries
  • Have a goal to read at least 1 book every month (oh, that’s a tough one 😃)
  • Enjoy taking pictures while travelling or walking around